Power plant development process


Factory design and on-site exploration

On-site exploration to evaluate feasibility of module setting, location for setup, and angle of tilting.


Capacity generation simulation

The Engineering Department would simulate the average capacity generated each year by solar module according to the maximum possible irradiation per day.


System design

Based on different environments, we customized solar generating installation for customers.


Development permission acquisition

Acquire purchasing and selling contract of generating system, grid-connection reviewing report, grid-connection approval


Solar factory building and construction

Solar power generating system set up and test.


Operations and management

Electricity selling, solar monitoring control system and maintenance.


20 Years

The current profit model of investment in solar energy is to sign a 20-year contract with Tai Power. During the contract period, Tai Power will purchase the electricity with a fixed price generated by the solar plant.

500 kw

The installation of over 500kW solar plant is required to apply an “Electrical” license. The application process is too tedious, so generally we recommend choosing solar plant with capacity lower than 500kW.

9.917 sqm

Per kWp (PV system) is equivalent to 9.917 sqm.